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Season Finales of Scrubs and Better Off Ted Air on ABC

veronicaIn last night’s season finale of Scrubs, J.D. (Zach Braff) ponders endings. “Endings are never easy,” he says. “I always build them up so much in my head, they can’t possibly live up to my expectations, and I just end up disappointed.”

My Finale takes us through J.D.’s last day at Sacred Heart before moving to be closer to his baby son. J.D. (and the audience) gets closure with all of the people in his life, his girlfriend Elliot, Dr. Cox Turk and even his nemesis the janitor. It was a fitting goodbye for a show that has struggled to stay alive since its first season at NBC.

As we’ve mentioned, even though Braff is moving on, that doesn’t necessarily mean the show is over. Show runners are in serious talks with ABC about continuing the series without Braff. The problem is that none of the other actors are under contract any longer and several have already been cast in new pilots for the fall season. There is speculation that if the show does return, it will focus on hostile intern Denise (Eliza Coupe). The reboot of the series may breathe new life into it and actually attract new viewers who never warmed up to Braff’s antics. Either way, fans will likely be satisfied with last night’s finale.

Scrubs was followed by the season finale of Better Off Ted, another sitcom whose future hangs in the balance. Better Off Ted is loved by critics but didn’t pick up the following ABC had hoped for (following Scrubs may have hurt the series more than it helped it).

In the episode, Get Happy, Veridian Dynamics conducts an employee survey that reveals a drop in morale. The survey also reveals that the employees find Veronica (Portia de Rossi) way too intimidating while most employees give Ted (Jay Harrington) an excellent rating. Upon receiving the news about Ted’s positive score, Veronica quips, “Oh brother, look out Jesus.” Veridian Dynamic also decides to “assign” personalities to their employees, dressing their cubicles in themes like cats and outer space. When Linda (a cat) decides to sit with the outer spacers, the other cats turn against her but of course, in the end, Ted helps the office resume some semblance of normalcy. Hopefully, ABC will have the sense to keep Ted but if not, I hope De Rossi at least gets an Emmy nom for her performance as Veronica, her deadpan portrayal as the uptight boss is spot on.

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